Week of 5/26/24

Hello Church Family,
What does God's discipline look like? That was part of what we looked at this last week and I know a number of you have been thinking about it. Most of us think of discipline as punishment or consequences, but we know that's not the full picture. Discipline is training which leads to heart level obedience. We know even for Jesus it looked like trials and challenges. He didn't have to experience any punishment throughout his life because he didn't do anything wrong, but he still 'learned' or grew in obedience (Hebrews 5:8) through the hardships he faced(which were many). It should be all the more amazing to see that the only punishment he ever experienced was not for his own sin, but what he willingly experienced in order to pay for our sin.
Imagine. A life of choosing to be obedient in every difficulty out of love for the Father and us. Then willingly trading that obedient life for all the disobedience of the world.Just stop and consider that for a moment.

Home Enjoyment
Read Ephesians 6:4.
Can you think of an example where a lack of training led to frustration or feeling provoked?Can you think of a time when good training (or discipline) led to being prepared for a difficult circumstance?
How does a life of discipline lead to trust?
What about instruction? Have you ever wondered if someone's instructions were the right or the best way? What are some ways we receive instruction?
How does Jesus' life of perfect training in obedience to instruction help you better understand the 'discipline and instruction of the Lord' for you?

One last important thing. Remember this is not a 'You! Do better!" kind of a thing, this is responding in faith to God and by faith becoming obedient to Christ.Read Galatians 2:20 and 5:16-17 and Ephesians 3:14-19.

Pray and ask the Lord to see his discipline and instruction in your life(past and present) in a correct light. For His glory and for your good.

A song I have been enjoying that speaks to these things.

Brothers and Sisters, may you be blessed in the discipline and instruction you receive this week!

This Saturday, June 1, there is a picnic at Greenhorn Park, 12pm, potlatch lunch for those who would like to visit with our missionaries the Gardners. Bring chairs. Drinks and tableware provided.
Saturday, June 8 there will be a farewell picnic for Judy McQuoid at 11am Upper Greenhorn Park. Please bring finger foods and a chair. Drinks and tableware provided.

Trusting Our Father,
Pastor Phillip

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