Week of 4/14/24

Dear Church Family,
Thank you for the feedback this last week after the message. It's always a blessing to hear how God's Word is impacting the hearts of His people. Thank you for sharing how the Lord both convicted and encouraged you in different ways, let's pray for one another to allow the Word to have its full effect on each one of us. I will add that it was also a blessing to hear how you are reaching out to love one another as brothers and sisters in Christ.
Home Enjoyment
Read Ephesians 5:1-8.
How would you say that the 3 things Paul mentions in verse 3 are connected to our desires?
How would you say filthiness, foolish talk, and crude joking are connected with our desires?How does a life focused on the things in verses 3 and 4 deny God's desires?His designs?Have you ever wanted someone to leave behind something that was destroying their lives? Do you think that's how God feels?
What does Paul give as the appropriate response or antidote to our inordinate desires? (hint: end of verse 4 and verses 7 and 8 : )Describe how thanksgiving changes our relationship with God's desires and design?
Is separating ourselves from others part of the solution? How so?
Read 1 Corinthians 5:9-13. How does it help you understand what Paul is saying to the Ephesians?
Do you think that would be difficult to do? Why is it so important to Paul?

What is one way God would have you respond to what you have seen in His Word today.

Remember the JIWA dinner to support Nathan and Laura Conklin this coming Sunday afternoon. Please let the office know if you have not signed up so we can get you in the count.

Spring Piano Recital at 6pm this Friday in the Sanctuary.

In Christ,
Pastor Phillip

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