Week of 6/2/24

Dear Church Family,
I hear we are jumping into summer temperatures the next few days and it makes me think of seasonal transition and change for lots of families. Change is both a useful and necessary part of life and also a stressful part of life. Don't get lost in the change, make time to stay grounded, or to get grounded in God's Word. Even as a pastor it is very challenging to keep my relationship with Jesus current and not rely on previous 'conversations' or time spent together. We neglect keeping up in relationships at our own peril.
Keep up on your relationship with Jesus in order to keep other relationships in order - family, community, work, etc.

Home Enjoyment
Read Ephesians 6:5-9
What are the reasons Paul gives the Ephesians for their obedience to their masters(employers)?
What does the heart have to do with this? (Vs 5-6)
How do our hearts get to the place where we can actually do this in a challenging situation?
Is there a place in your work (whatever that is) that you need to ask the Lord for a new heart/different perspective?
What things make it hard to remember we are working for a reward from the Lord?

How are masters to treat those under their care?
Read John 13:1-17 - What does this have to do with acting like Jesus in our leadership of others?
How do you know that God doesn't show partiality? Where do you struggle with partiality?

Blessings to each of you as we step into the summer months and diligently seek to grow in love for Jesus and others.

In Christ,
Pastor Phillip

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