Week of 4/28/24

Hello Church Family,
I missed you all this Sunday and was glad to hear it was a blessed time of worshipping together, looking at how to 'Make the Most of Your Time', and fellowship together. I look forward to being back with you this Sunday but enjoyed the time with my family from out of town.
The Mission’s Committee is having their annual yard sale on Friday and Saturday, May 3 & 4, and many quality items were donated this year.
Home Enjoyment
Read Ephesians 5:15-21
Why do you think Paul contrasts making the most of our time and walking wisely with 'because the days are evil'?
What is a fool? Foolishness? For a few examples and discussion look at Proverbs 18:6, 12:16, 14:15, 18:2, 28:26, 10:23, 15:20.
Most of us are probably not "drunk with wine" on a regular basis, but are there possibly other habits or addictions in our lives that could be crowding out the work of the Holy Spirit? How do we pursue more of the Holy Spirit's influence over our decisions and time?
Ephesus was full of distractions that would not be the best use of time and we face the same problem today. As followers of Christ, what is our best approach in this area of making the best use of our time? Do we just hunker down with more self-discipline or is there a better way? Consider Tom's example of Paul and Silas (Acts 16:16-40).
What do verses 19-20 look like on a daily basis?
And verse 21?
In Christ,
Pastor Phillip

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