Week of 6/9/24

Dear Church Family,
I remember as a kid when my friend Ben had a mountain lion sitting on his garage roof looking into his second story bedroom window watching him. It was very unsettling. He had not been aware of the lion's presence, and then he was. It changed the way he played outside, and when he played. Life went on, but there was a different level of vigilance, he always took his dog with him, etc.
Just like we saw in the text this last Sunday we have a real enemy watching for opportunities to hurt or destroy us in whatever way he is able(John 10:10, 1 Peter 5:8)). It makes sense we should be aware of how to stand against his attacks.
WE DO NOT LIVE IN FEAR, because Jesus has conquered Satan and his demons and their day of judgement is sure. But until then we are vigilant because we do not want to be vulnerable to attack or become ineffective in the spiritual battle we face. We are instructed to put on the armor that God gives us and stand against Satan's schemes (Eph. 6:11). Here is this week's home enjoyment and I hope our further study is helpful in understanding what this looks like!

Home Enjoyment
Read Ephesians 6:10-14.
Thinking back to chapters 1-3, how does someone become 'strong in the Lord and the strength of his might?' Where else do we look for strength and might?
Think about dressing for a battle, past or present. What are some reasons you would be tempted or hesitant to not put on armor?
What is a scheme? What is a scheme you have been sidetracked or seen other believers sidetracked by?
Verse 12 says our battle is not against flesh and blood (neighbors, politicians, your kids bully, etc.). Does that change how we deal with those people?
Paul seems to make the connection between our understanding of the spiritual nature of the battle being crucial to not being schemed.How does that scheme, attacking people instead of engaging with Jesus' tools, make us ineffective or even hurt our testimony for Christ?

Please continue to pray for Judy McQuoid, and the Darnalls as they prepare this week to move and continue life and ministry in new settings.Judy is moving Thursday, the Darnalls on Saturday.

Grace and Peace to you all,
Pastor Phillip

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